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When It Comes To Cloud, Great Power Brings Great Responsibility

Hyperscale cloud technology has democratized IT, putting innovative products and almost unlimited capacity in the hands of anyone with a credit card. But the flexible nature of cloud has brought its own challenges, and new skills and tools are needed to ensure cloud applications are scalable, secure and performing.

By 2019, 451 Research estimates that 12% of all enterprise workloads will run on public cloud infrastructure. IT teams can wield great power with cloud services, that offer access to on-demand, scalable, and low-cost infrastructure. But, greater cloud adoption also brings a new set of challenges for IT teams: lack of skills, cost optimization, and security concerns.  

In this webinar, 451 Research analyst, Owen Rogers, will highlight key drivers and challenges for enterprise cloud adoption. OpsRamp's product leader, Mahesh Ramachandran, will share best practices for handling cloud infrastructure services at scale.

Why Attend?

  • Understand the reasons why enterprises are embracing public cloud services.
  • Why skills shortages and limited automation are stalling cloud momentum.  
  • How to simplify hybrid cloud management and operations with OpsRamp. 

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  • Date: Thursday, December 14
  • Time: 10 am PT/ 1 PM ET
  • Duration: 45 minutes



Owen Rogers


Owen Rogers,
Research Director, Digital Economics Unit, 451 Research


Owen leads 451’s Digital Economics Unit, which helps customers understand the economics behind cloud technologies. Owen is the architect of the Cloud Price Index, 451 Research's benchmark indicator of the costs of public, private and managed clouds, and the Cloud Price Codex, a global survey of cloud pricing methods and mechanisms.

Mahesh Ramachandran


Mahesh Ramachandran,
Vice President, Product Management, OpsRamp


Mahesh heads Product Management at OpsRamp. He's responsible for product strategy, roadmap, and pricing. Mahesh’s current focus areas include emerging use cases in cloud management, applying machine learning to operations management, and mapping the outer limits of automatability of operational tasks.