Discover, Manage, and Optimize Your Digital Footprint

With innovative capabilities for business-service dependency mapping and multi-cloud management, our Fall 2018 release helps you better maintain digital services and deliver more compelling user experiences. Learn how you can embrace service-centric operations management in this on-demand webinar with:

  • New Topology Explorer. Access real-time infrastructure dependencies for your business-critical enterprise services.
  • Enhanced Service Maps. Drive better context for IT outages and restore services faster with single-click visualization of alerts for your impacted resources.
  • Multi-Cloud Database Monitoring. View relevant performance monitoring metrics for your cloud relational databases on AWS, Azure, and Google.
  • Improved Alert Management. Enable faster incident identification and prompt service restoration with contextual and enriched alerts.
  • Comprehensive Reporting. Gain deeper alert insights and cloud cost analytics for your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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The Presenters
Mahesh Ramachandran

Mahesh Ramachandran,
Vice President, Product Management, OpsRamp

Mahesh heads Product Management at OpsRamp. Mahesh’s current focus areas include emerging use cases in cloud management, applying machine learning to operations management, and mapping the outer limits of automatability of operational tasks.

Darren Cunningham

Darren Cunningham,
Vice President, Marketing, OpsRamp

Darren Cunningham runs worldwide marketing for OpsRamp. Darren brings two decades of enterprise B2B and SaaS marketing experience to OpsRamp, most recently working at New Relic, SnapLogic, and Informatica.