Better Root Cause Analysis. Faster Incident Remediation. Greater Business Agility.

Discover IT operations and service management (ITOSM) with OpsRamp and your favorite ITSM solution.

ITOSM combines ITSM incident management processes with  ITOM hybrid monitoring and intelligent correlation. ITOSM helps you conquer the chaos of multi-cloud management, with a single digital operations command center where you can proactively discover, monitor, manage, and remediate incidents without toggling between multiple consoles or struggling with disparate data sources.

Learn how OpsRamp can be the foundation of ITOSM with:

  • ITSM Integration. Manage your incident lifecycle with actionable insights so that you can prevent IT outages and reduce downtime.
  • Proactive Monitoring. Drive system health, availability, and performance with policy-based monitoring for IT services hosted on datacenters and public clouds.
  • Improved Service Maps. Drive better context for IT outages and restore services faster with a real-time picture of your applications and supporting infrastructure.
  • AIOps-Powered Alert Inferencing. Use machine learning for faster incident identification and better situational awareness with contextual and enriched alerts.

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The Presenters
Jordan Sher

Jordan Sher,
Director of Corporate Marketing, OpsRamp


Jeff Kollmann

Jeff Kollmann,
Solutions Strategist, OpsRamp