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Rethinking Monitoring in the Era of IT-Ops-as-a-Service

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Enterprises are struggling with siloed monitoring tools that lack the right service-level visibility and context. It’s time for a new approach, Monitoring as a Service, that puts responsibility for optimizing monitoring systems in the hands of a central team, with ongoing monitoring handled by DevOps teams.

We invited industry thought leader and 451 Research analyst, Nancy Gohring, to share how monitoring is changing in a world driven by IT-Ops-as-a-Service. In this 45 minute interactive webinar, you will learn best practices on how to modernize IT Operations for a hybrid world.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to combine centralized monitoring from Ops with ongoing monitoring from Devs
  • The benefits of Monitoring as a Service for centralized efficiency and productivity
  • How IT Operations as a Service delivers the right shared service framework for enterprise scale

Nancy Gohring


               Nancy Gohring,
Senior Analyst, 451 Research


Darren Cunningham


                  Darren Cunningham,
Vice President, Marketing, OpsRamp


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