Now It's Easy To Trust But Verify.

The Summer 2019 Release introduces OpsQ Observed Mode to build confidence in machine learning models for IT event and performance analysis. It also includes automated alert suppression to reduce human time spent on first-response to alerts, continuous learning-based alert escalation using live event data, and new infrastructure monitoring capabilities for cloud native environments.

Watch our on-demand webinar to see all the new enhancements to the platform, including:

  • OpsQ Observed Mode: OpsQ Observed Mode helps incident management teams assess the accuracy of the OpsRamp machine learning algorithms in a live production environment before they take effect.
  • Learning-Based Auto-Alert Suppression: OpsQ looks for recurring alert patterns in production environments and suppresses those alerts that occur at a predictable cadence. OpsQ uses seasonality-based and attribute-based auto-alert suppression techniques as a first-response mechanism.
  • Service and Topology Maps: The Summer 2019 Release introduces new impact visibility and service context features that deliver dynamic relationship data for public cloud services and actionable insights for understanding cross-site interconnections.

  • Cloud Native Discovery and Monitoring: DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams can now monitor popular open source applications used in cloud native environments and access relevant performance insights for Mesosphere and Azure Stack in the OpsRamp platform.


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The Presenters
Mahesh Ramachandran

Mahesh Ramachandran,
Vice President, Product Management, OpsRamp

Mahesh heads Product Management at OpsRamp. Mahesh’s current focus areas include emerging use cases in cloud management, applying machine learning to operations management, and mapping the outer limits of automatability of operational tasks.

Curt Thorin

Curt Thorin,
Solutions Architect, OpsRamp

Curt Thorin is a Solutions Strategist who helps enterprise IT teams address problems and realize value from the OpsRamp platform.  Curt has nearly 20 years of experience in the enterprise IT software industry.